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8 Years of Suono. Outdoor Party this Sunday with MOONBOOTS

Thu 19 Jul 2012    by Moogar

 8, it's a homophone of 'ate', I like eating, but that's not why I like 8 per se.
8 is my lucky number, there are also lots of cool things with, like, 8 legs, Octopuss' for example, they're cool right?

In the old testament on the 8th line of the 8th chapter it actually reads 'and thus the lord decided do do some cool shit to do with the number 8 so he created 8 sharks, 8 airguns, 8 packets of fags and 8 hooker factory's which made 8 hookers every 8 hours' now that, if nothing else, proves the power of the 'Ocho', the passage goes further than this though with the next line foretelling of 'a great conflagration of people coming together for a great celebration, a great party to mark the 8 year anniversary of the great 'Suono' club night!' It actually says all of that, in The Bible, honest!

So who are we to go against the word of the good book? Nobody that's who, so in keeping with Gods will we'll all be attending another outside broadcast from the Suono Sisters Danno & Tern, this time re-jigged and relocated to a new, temporary HQ at The Stand on High Bridge Street where this Sunday they will be conducting more sonic experiments on live animals and humans, this time with guest selector and head honcho of the Manchester chapter of the Balearic assault squad, Moonboots.

A long serving member of the extended Suono family, Moonboots has successfully manned the 1's and 2's on the banks of the Tyne many times before and is a firm favourite of the North East faithful after his previous turns up here. Promoter of the legendary 'Aficionado' parties and boss of the recently formed 'Aficionado Recordings', Moon's pedigree is beyond reproach.

It should be an absolute treat to hear him lay down a soundtrack of sundrenched down tempo loveliness in one of Newcastle's most interesting outdoor spaces and if that's not draw enough alone it actually looks as if the weather is actually going to behave itself long enough to do a passable impression of summer on Sunday so all thats left to do is to dig out that shark-tooth necklace you bought in Ibiza in '89, grab a pastel shirt, cut down those old Fiorucci jeans to the sort of short size that even Peter Beardsley would have blushed at wearing in 1982, run some lemon juice through your barnet and let all your hairs hang out!

Join us on Sunday July the 22nd outside at the Stand, it really is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Newcastle. Lovely drinks, wonderful food, music of the gods.

Suono 8th Birthday Party
The Stand
High Bridge
6pm till 1am
£3 entry
Food till 9pm.

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